Surf Ski + Training Info

What is Surf Ski Paddling?

The spec ski is the traditional craft used by surf life saving clubs and must adhere to strict size and weight. ... The Spec ski is designed tougher and with more rocker to manoeuvre in and out of the wave zone. The ocean ski is made for long-distance ocean paddling and is usually raced downwind with the swells.

There are two main varieties of surf ski – traditional spec skis and ocean skis. Traditional spec skis are used by Surf Life Saving Clubs. They're built to a standard size and weight, and are designed to negotiate the surf zone. Ocean skis on the other hand are designed for long distance paddling, and are normally raced downwind on ocean swells.


Training times differ depending on weather and individuals work commitments. In the winter months group paddling sessions are organised by the Ski Captain and communicated via the members Facebook group or sms. 

Contact Information

We cater for male and female paddlers, all ages. If you are interested in becoming a member and trying Surf Ski paddling, email or send us a message via the online form provided.

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