Iron Ocean Series

What is the intent behind Iron Ocean

This is just about giving the kids a bigger challenge and strengthening their confidence to handle open water conditions. It’s not all about the prize or the placing but about being out in the water, on the beach having fun.


Iron Person for girls and boys

The Ironperson challenge has been in place on the North West Coast of Tasmania for two seasons now. Each of these have grown in size and spread to other club locations.

What surprised us during these two seasons was that there were a number of young girls and boys backing up after three intense ironman races to complete a 500m or a 1.5-2km ocean swim. And, finishing with a huge smile on their faces as they crossed the line.

This is when we thought, WOW, that’s impressive. That needs recognition and we need to make this a combined challenge.

Yes, we know some will not want to do the bigger swims after the Ironman and that’s fine. There’s still lots of fun in the ironman which includes the board and run legs, as well as a swim.

But we felt that the ones that step up need to be recognised and in doing so, we might find some of the others stepping up to.

There’s no pressure from clubs, coaches or parents, it’s up to the kids. They need to be confident and prepared.

The Burnie Surf Life Saving Club has been involved from the start and supported our small committee to lift the profile of this event. The Tasmanian Government supported us with a 50/50 grant through Events Tasmania. This has been a great start in lifting this profile and standard of the event, while at the same time keeping it affordable.

Kozii Swimwear Major Sponsor

Kozii Swimwear came on early after seeing what we had put together and were very keen to be apart of this series as a major sponsor. Kozii is providing the hi vis racing tops and $500.00 in merchandise which is amazing. We thank them and encourage you to jump on their website to check out and buy some of their great swimwear apparel.

So, we hope you enjoy this series, tell your friends about it and come along for a great time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ironoceanseries

Cheers and see you on the beach


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