Board Paddling + Training Info

What is Surf Board Paddling or Mal Board Racing?

A racing mal is a type of paddleboard that is propelled using the arms while lying flat or kneeling. Boards are normally ten feet and six inches in length. The volume varies depending on the weight of the rider, generally within a 10 kg range. For example, a particular board might be suitable for a 75-85 kg rider. An incorrectly sized board may provide insufficient flotation, or be harder to control.

A racing mal includes four straps that the rider uses to control the board while catching waves, and while 'popping' or 'rolling' when paddling out. An optional fifth strap, known as a 'running strap' or 'popping strap' may be positioned on the left or right side (the opposite side to the rider's dominant hand). This strap is used for grabbing the board when exiting the water, so as to quickly sprint up the beach during a race. It can also be used to regain control of the board after popping over a wave.

Nipper Board is similar to a racing mal, but designed for younger riders - and therefore smaller and lighter. A Surf Rescue Board is also similar to a racing mal, but wider and more stable, with sufficient volume to support two riders (rescuer and patient).


Training times differ depending on weather and individuals work commitments. In the off season, sessions are organised by the Board Captain and communicated via the members Facebook group or sms. It usually involves running, swimming and cross training and as the weather warms up board sessions are introduced depending on the weather conditions.

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We cater for male and female paddlers, all ages. If you are interested in becoming a member and trying Surf Board paddling, email or send us a message via the online form provided.

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