Beach Events + Training Info

What is Beach Flags?

The sport of Beach Flags is designed to help Surf Life Savers to improve their reflexes and sand sprinting power.

Beginning by lying face-down on the beach, competitors rise, turn and run 20 metres to grab a baton from the sand. Since there are always fewer batons than competitors, those who fail to obtain a baton are eliminated from that round. One or more batons are then removed for the next round, and play progresses this way until the winner grabs the last remaining baton.

Beach Sprint

The beach sprint and beach relay events are straightforward races over the relevant distance. Up to 10 competitors per race can start with the winner being the first person whose chest crosses the line. In the beach relay, team members are expected to exchange a baton (usually a small length of garden hose) at the end of each leg.

2km & 1km Beach Runs

These long distance events are soft sand races which are determined on first past the post basis.


Training times differ depending individuals work commitments. In the off season, sessions are organised by the running coach who communicates training times via members Facebook group or sms. It usually involves long, middle and short distance running and cross training.

Contact Information

Everyone is welcome to come along to these sessions. remember if you haven't ran for a while, starts off slowly and build up. If you are interested in becoming a member and trying a number of our surf or beach events, email or send us a message via the online form provided.

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